Convenient parking is considered essential to Hartford’s economic and community development.  The Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) is responsible for making that vision a reality and focuses on constant improvement. The HPA oversees metered and regulated parking spaces on Hartford streets, as well as operates and maintains the City-owned parking facilities.  These include the Church Street Garage, MAT Garage, Morgan Street Garage, and Hartford Public Library parking deck.  In a partnership with a new subcontractor, Republic Parking System, the HPA announced several on-street parking initiatives that began May 16 and are designed to make parking more customer-friendly for Hartford residents and visitors.

“Parking plays a key role in visitation and revitalization of our Capital City.  Hartford needs to be Connecticut’s leader in parking technology, innovation and customer service,” said Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra.  “HPA are the experts on all City parking matters.  They’re here to inform, educate and assist the public with understanding of how to park legally and safely,” he added.

“We invite Hartford residents and visitors to consider us ‘your place for a space’, said Mark K. McGovern, Chief Executive Officer of the Hartford Parking Authority. “We strive to offer the best value for parking in the City and to make our services as accessible and convenient as possible.  Working with Republic Parking now takes HPA to a higher level of customer-first, customer-friendly service,” he continued.

What’s new with on-street parking in Hartford?

  • HPA’s new Parking Ambassadors are visible on Hartford streets from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (look for their red shirts or jackets).  This team of six people is available to assist parkers with making change for the Pay-and-Display Stations, providing directions, answering questions, and more.
  • A Pay-and-Display Station is a solar-powered, multi-space parking meter that is easy to use. It has an electronic display and clock and provides directions for payment and display of the receipt on the vehicle dashboard. The receipt may be used at any metered space in the system during the period of time purchased, allowing parkers to move from space to space as desired.
  • Parking Ambassadors enforce metered and regulated parking. This helps downtown businesses by creating more curbside availability for short-term visitors and deliveries during weekdays. Longer-term parkers (those who want to park for longer than two hours) are invited to park at HPA garages, which opens up more spaces on the street.
  • On-street parking in Hartford is free after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends (when legally parked in a metered or regulated space, within limitations noted by signage next to the space).

The HPA recommends taking note of the parking signs on each block, and asking the Parking Ambassadors for assistance if the signs are not clearly understood.  Signs are used to mark restricted areas or to indicate times when parking is not allowed.  Because citations happen and are a necessary part of making parking accessible for everyone, the HPA has also made citation payments and appeals easier and more convenient to resolve, including online at

HPA’s relationship with Republic Parking System
On March 1, 2012, Republic began managing the 2,290-space Morgan Street Garage and the 1,299-space Church Street Garage.  Effective May 16, Republic is also overseeing the 1,770 metered spaces in and around downtown.

Republic is responsible for staffing the garages, collecting parking fees, and maintenance of the garages.  Street-side, Republic maintains the city’s 250 Pay-and-Display Stations, as well as administers parking citations and collections.  Republic is based in Chattanooga, Tenn. and has operations in 90 U.S. cities, including Stamford, CT and Springfield, MA.

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