Enhanced collection efforts have brought in nearly $100,000 in the first 90 days; more than three times the revenue collected during the same period last year.

HARTFORD – In June 2012, the Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) announced that it was stepping up efforts to collect overdue citation fees for parking violations by utilizing state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition technology.  During the first 90 days (June through August 2012), HPA was successful in collecting $98,266 from parking scofflaws, an amount more than three times greater than the $27,854 collected during the same period last year.

“To collect nearly $100,000 in the first 90 days greatly exceeded expectations,” commented Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra.  “Efficient collection of parking citations by the Hartford Parking Authority benefits residents and visitors by keeping meter and garage fees as low as possible,” Segarra added.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology enables the HPA to identify chronic parking offenders more efficiently and improve collection efforts.  All data collected by LPR is deleted at the end of each work shift.  HPA’s Parking Ambassadors are visible on Hartford streets from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (wearing red shirts or jackets).  In addition to enforcement efforts, this team of six people is available to assist parkers with making change for the Pay-and-Display Stations, providing directions, answering questions, and more.  

When a Parking Ambassador identifies a tow-eligible vehicle, he or she calls the Hartford Police Department for the tow.  In accordance with the Municipal Code, vehicles with registrations that indicate five or more unpaid parking citations are subject to towing from City streets.

“This past June, when we started using License Plate Recognition cameras on our enforcement vehicles and increased our collection efforts, the value of unpaid citations for the past year alone amounted to over $1.5 million due to the City of Hartford,” said Mark K. McGovern, Chief Executive Officer of the Hartford Parking Authority. 

McGovern stated that Hartford has accumulated 287,283 unpaid parking citations representing a total balance of $19,059,357 potentially due to the City, with some citations issued as far back as 1996.  Through its subcontracted parking management firm Republic Parking System, the HPA currently mails multiple violation notices to citation holders during a 90-day period.  Now, the HPA will begin using Citation Collection Services (CCS) to collect debt older than 90 days.

“The best way to avoid a collection notice or tow is to see if you have an unpaid citation and pay it online at www.hartfordparking.com or visit our 160 Market Street office in Hartford,” commented McGovern.  “We are striving to collect a higher percentage of tickets issued, not issue more tickets,” he added. 

About the Hartford Parking Authority

Accessible and safe parking is considered essential to Hartford’s economic and community development.  The Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) is responsible for making that vision a reality and focuses on constant improvement. The HPA oversees metered and regulated parking spaces on Hartford streets, as well as operates and maintains the City-owned parking facilities.  These include the Church Street Garage, MAT Garage, Morgan Street Garage, and Hartford Public Library parking deck. 

For more information, contact the Hartford Parking Authority at 860.527.7275 or visit www.hartfordparking.com. For specific information about parking citations, call 860.761.0004.

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