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April 4, 2014

Contact: Eric Boone, Chief Executive Officer, 860.527.7275,


  • Enforcement efforts will focus on trouble spots for night-time parking Citywide 


  • Enforcement of all non-time-related parking violations will improve on-street parking access for residents and patrons of local businesses

HARTFORD – The Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) has received repeated concerns regarding evening parking and after careful consideration announced that its Parking Ambassadors will now conduct enforcement of on-street parking rules after 6:00 p.m.

All metered parking in Hartford is always free after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends (when legally parked in a metered or regulated space, within limitations noted by signage next to the space).

HPA, through its Parking Ambassadors, will provide enforcement for non-time-related parking violations in trouble spots throughout Hartford.  These violations include blocked fire hydrants, driveways and crosswalks, among other public safety violations and nuisance issues.

HPA evening enforcement will be in conjunction with Hartford Police Department’s ongoing enforcement, as is currently done during the business day.

“Enhanced cooperative parking enforcement efforts between HPA and HPD will improve on-street parking access for Hartford residents and the patrons of local businesses, and make it easier for residents and visitors to enjoy the capital city.” commented Mayor Pedro E. Segarra.

“HPA’s role in night enforcement is to be as unobtrusive as possible to the evening business establishments while still meeting pedestrian and emergency service needs.  We are currently in the process of actively engaging the management of local businesses to discuss the transition and handing out window signs that gently remind patrons to park legally,” said Hartford Parking Authority CEO Eric Boone.  “Our Parking Ambassadors will inform motorists if they see them in the process of parking illegally and will gladly offer recommendations for a better location.”

HPA recommends taking note of weather or event-related parking bans on its website, as well as parking signs located on each block.  Parkers are encouraged to ask the Parking Ambassadors or HPD officers for assistance if the signs are not clearly understood.  Signs are used to mark restricted areas or to indicate times when parking is not allowed.

Citations can happen and are a necessary part of making parking accessible for everyone.  However, dealing with a citation you may have received should not be a hassle.  HPA has made citation payments and appeals easy and convenient to resolve, including online at

About the Hartford Parking Authority

Convenient parking is an integral element to enhancing Hartford’s economic and community development.  The Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) oversees metered and regulated parking spaces on Hartford streets, as well as operates and maintains the City-owned Church Street Garage and MAT Garage.  For more information, contact the Hartford Parking Authority at 860.527.7275 or visit









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