Better collections enable improvements, such as $1.2 million restoration project at Church Street Garage.

 Using state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition technology, Hartford Parking Authority’s new Parking Ambassadors program has stepped up efforts to collect overdue fines from parking scofflaws.  In accordance with the Municipal Code, vehicles with registrations that indicate five or more unpaid parking citations are subject to towing from City streets.

“We currently have more than 3,200 vehicle registrants in our database that are associated with five or more unpaid parking citations. The value of unpaid citations in the past year alone amounts to $1.4 million that is due to the City of Hartford and we are making efforts to collect,” said Mark K. McGovern, Chief Executive Officer of the Hartford Parking Authority.

“For those with five or more unpaid Hartford parking tickets, the best way to avoid a tow and an additional fee is to pay the citations now online at or at our 160 Market Street office in Hartford,” McGovern added.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology enables the Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) to identify chronic parking offenders more efficiently and improve collection efforts.  All data collected by the LPR is deleted at the end of each work shift.  HPA’s Parking Ambassadors are visible on Hartford streets from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (look for their red shirts or jackets).  In addition to enforcement efforts, this team of six people is available to assist parkers with making change for the Pay-and-Display Stations, providing directions, answering questions, and more.  When a Parking Ambassador identifies a tow-eligible vehicle, he or she calls the Hartford Police Department for the tow.

Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra commented, “More efficient collection of parking citations by the Hartford Parking Authority benefits all who park in Hartford by keeping meter and garage fees as low as possible.  It also enables the HPA to invest in its facilities to maintain the clean, safe and convenient parking that customers expect.”

McGovern stated that Hartford has more than 265,000 unpaid parking citations that amount to more than $18 million due to the City.

$1.2 Million Restoration Project at Church Street Garage
Hartford Parking Authority announced that a $1.2 million restoration of Church Street Garage is beginning in July.  Contractor Frank Capasso and Sons, Inc. is responsible for making concrete repairs, waterproofing, painting and new interior signage.  In accordance with requirements for construction on a City facility, 15% of the construction cost must be sub-contracted to certified Minority/Women Business Enterprises, with a goal that Hartford residents make up 30% of the workforce.  During the restoration process expected to be completed by this winter, the Church Street Garage will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with uninterrupted service for monthly and event parking customers.

Church Street Garage was opened in 1954 and is managed by Hartford Parking Authority and operated by its subcontractor Republic Parking System.  It is an eight-level garage with 1,299 spaces in the heart of the Central Business District bounded by Church, Ann Uccello, Chapel and Trumbull Streets.  Church Street Garage serves as the on-site parking facility for the Hilton Hartford and is connected via skywalk to the XL Center.

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