Since the HPA announced in June 2012 that it was stepping up efforts to collect overdue parking citation fees by utilizing state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the number of overdue citations has decreased from 287,000 to 240,000. “Our goal is not to give out more tickets but rather to collect a higher percentage of those issued,” said Mark McGovern, CEO of HPA. “The use of LPR and additional collection efforts are achieving this.”

McGovern stated that as of June 2012, Hartford had accumulated 287,283 unpaid parking citations representing a total balance of $19,059,357 potentially due to the City, with some citations issued as far back as 1996.  Through its subcontracted parking management firm, Republic Parking System, the HPA currently mails multiple violation notices to citation holders during a 90-day period.  The HPA works with Citation Collection Services (CCS) to collect debt older than 90 days.

The best way to avoid a collection notice or tow if you have an unpaid citation is to pay it online at or visit our 160 Market Street office in Hartford.

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