Good Afternoon,

I wanted to share that there were a few programing issues with the Monday morning on-street parking rate increase launch and wanted to make all aware of the issues and progress.

Yesterday morning we identified an omission in the program that allows parkers to incrementally pay to park. This has been corrected and as of this morning parkers are able to pay for parking starting at 25 cents per hour.

We have also replaced six misleading street signs, on Main St and Asylum Ave. This occurred yesterday morning.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing an unrelated programing issue on Pratt St and have closed/covered the kiosks allowing for free parking until such time as the programing issues have been resolved. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this has and is causing, and we will continue to communicate our progress as it occurs.

I want to also take a minute to share that HPA’s 58 Chapel St lot, directly across from the stadium, is only $5 all day parking, and surrounding streets remain at $1 per hour, with incremental payment options.

Thank you,

Armindo Gomes
Chief Executive Officer
Hartford Parking Authority

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