How to Pay for Parking

In general, motorists are required to pay meters, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm unless otherwise posted.

To pay for parking simply park your vehicle on the street or block and look for the closest Parking Pay Station.  Follow the instructions on the Parking Pay Station. Follow the instructions on the Parking Pay Station. Para obtener instrucciones en español, presione el botón de doble bandera colocado a la izquierda del botón “Inicio” o “Start” en el teclado del medidor.

The Parking Pay Stations make on-street parking easier, by accepting:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Coins – nickels, dimes. quarters & dollar coins (US currency only)

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How to use Pay & Display

Follow the on-screen instructions, select the form of payment and amount of parking time desired, as indicated by printed instructions on the Parking Pay Station.  The minimum purchase for parking is twenty-five (25) cents for fifteen minutes.

The Parking Pay Station will generate a receipt stamped with an expiration time and date, keep this for your records.

Credit Cards with Pay & Display

When using a Debit/Credit Card to purchase parking, follow these simple steps:

  • Press the GREEN CHECK button or WHITE START button, then press 1 to choose Parking
  • Enter Plate – You MUST enter your FULL and CORRECT Plate information. If you do NOT enter your plate number you will get a ticket
    • If you get a ticket due to no plate number entered, you can appeal it but a $15 fee will apply
  • Press the GREEN CHECK button
  • Press 1 for Standard Parking or 2 for Disabled Parking
  • Insert credit card/debit card into slot marked “1 Instert Card”
  • Use the BLUE +/- buttons to purchase your desired amount of time or press the BLUE MAX” button to purchase the maximum amount of time allowed
  • Press the GREEN CHECK button once the proper amount of time is displayed on the screen
  • When approved, the Parking Pay Station will print your receipt

NOTE: You cannot add time to your initial purchase.

Coins with Pay & Display

When using Coins to purchase parking, follow these simple steps:

  • Follow steps 1 – 4 above, insert coins in the slot marked with the coin icon
  • The amount of time purchased will be displayed on the screen
  • Once you have purchased the desired amount, press the GREEN CHECK




 The Parking Pay Station gives you much more flexibility.

Parking regulations are only in effect at specific times and on specific days, as indicated on the signs posted on each street or block.  If parking is prohibited during specific hours on a street or block, your vehicle will be in violation even if the time has not expired on the receipt displayed in your vehicle’s curbside windshield. Parking Pay Stations will not operate during the restricted time and will flash a “No Parking” message on the display. In addition, credit/debit card and coin payments will not be accepted during times of parking restrictions.

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