NEW PAY BY PHONE NUMBER IS 860-308-1451 . Paying at the office with loose change for convenience of your time and ours please have same denominations of coins pre-rolled in advance, prior to your payment. 

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Why are parking citations issued?
Parking citations (or parking tickets, as they are commonly known) are most often issued if you do not pay at a meter or if you stay beyond your purchased time. You may also receive a parking citation if you are illegally parked in a loading zone or at a fire hydrant, bus stop, etc.  These restricted areas are marked by parking signage.

Payments can also be made at the Office of Parking Management. Please NOTE: When using loose change to pay a citation, please have coins pre-rolled to help in the overall process.

The Office of Parking Management is located at 11 Asylum Street, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06103.

Fine Schedule

DescriptionViolation CodeCurrent Fines1st Penalty2nd PenaltyTotal (Includes Penalties)
Unreasonable Parking11$25.00$38.00$38.00$101.00
Over Posted Time Limit12$25.00$38.00$38.00$101.00
Over Meter Time Limit13$25.00$38.00$38.00$101.00
More Than 12 In From Curb14$30.00$43.00$43.00$116.00
Meter Non-Payment15$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Exceeding Space Markings16$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
25 ft or Less To Corner or Stop Sign19$30.00$43.00$43.00$116.00
Facing Traffic / Wrong Side of Street20$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Within 10 ft of a Hydrant21$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Violation of Public Park / Fire Regulation22$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Parking on a Curb23$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Obstructing a Sidewalk24 $75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
No Parking Area / Tow Zone25$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Within 5 ft of Driveway / Curb Cut26$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Resident Odd / Even27$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Marked Bus Stop28$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Impeding / Obstructing Traffic 29$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Double Parking30$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Obstructing an Intersection31$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
Obstructing a Crosswalk32$75.00$23.00$27.00$125.00
No Standing33$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Loading Zone34$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Parking in a Permitted Vendor Space36$45.00$38.00$42.00$125.00
Vehicle Trespassing on Private Property37$45.00$38.00$42.00 $125.00
Unauthorized Use by a Vendor 39$45.00 $38.00 $42.00 $125.00
Repair of a Motor Vehicle on a City Street40 $45.00 $38.00 $42.00 $125.00
Blocking a Public Park Entryway 41 $45.00 $38.00 $42.00 $125.00
Handicapped Parking Space 99 $125.00 $13.00 $13.00 $151.00
Tractor and/or Trailer, or Commercial Vehicle Parked on Roadway for 3 Hrs. or More 81 $100.00 $13.00 $13.00 $126.00
Unattached Trailer or Semi-Trailer Parked on Roadway 82 $100.00 $13.00 $13.00 $126.00
Recreational Vehicles Parked on Roadway Between 11PM and 6AM 83 $100.00 $13.00 $13.00 $126.00
State of Emergency Parking Ban96 $25.00 $38.00 $38.00 $101.00
Snow Removal Parking Ban97 $100.00 $13.00 $13.00 $126.00
Zoning Violation 98 $100.00 $13.00 $13.00 $126.00
Parking in premium zone using wrong zone designation -$25.00$38.00$38.00$101.00