141 & 166 Sheldon Street

Surface Lot FAQ


  1. Why is HPA putting in a gate?

HPA assumed management of the lot from the City this summer and is putting in a gate to better manage the utilization of the lot for the benefit of employees and constituents alike.


  1. I have not received an access card, how will I get in the lot?

The access control system is more advanced than any other system in Hartford and does not require an access card. It utilizes your license plate number as authorization for entry.


  1. How does it use my license plate number?

One of two ways:

  1. There is an automated camera that reads your plate when you pull up to the gate and upon verification lets the motorist in.


  1. The camera is highly accurate, however, there may be times when a plate cannot be read (snow/mud cover, excessively warn plate, etc). The system will notify the driver through a touch screen monitor located just outside the driverside window. The system will ask for the vehicle plate number and the driver needs to enter it via the touch screen.


  1. What if I’m driving a vehicle other than my regular vehicle?

If you drive multiple vehicles on a regular basis, you can provide all of those plate numbers to HPA to include in the database. The system will only allow one of those vehicles in the lot at any given time.

If you are driving a vehicle such as a rental, you can enter the plate number of your regular vehicle to gain access.


  1. What if I don’t know my license plate number?

On Monday Nov. 3rd, HPA will be providing key chain tags and sharpies for individuals to write the plate numbers down and keep with their keys at the lot. All other times tags will be available at HPA’s office for all parkers and COO’s office for City employees.


  1. What if my license plate is not in the system?

On Monday Nov. 3rd, HPA will be staffing the lot in the morning to help parkers through their first experience with the system. If the list provided to HPA was inaccurate and a City Hall employee who is authorized to be in the lot is not in the database, HPA will allow the employee to park for the day, HPA will request various information from the employee, confirm with HR the employee does indeed belong, and add the information to the database.


After Nov. 3rd, new employees must contact HR directly and they will coordinate with HPA to provide parking.


  1. What if the gate is stuck or won’t work?

There is an intercom located near the touch screen. Pressing the intercom button will get you in contact with a Security Supervisor who can remotely open the gate as needed. In the rare event the gate will not mechanically work, it can be manually opened by security.


  1. Will the Prospect St. gate still be open?

On Nov. 3rd the Prospect St. gate will be closed and not reopened for normal daily use.


  1. What if the lot is full and I can’t get in?

Employees whose primary work location is City Hall or HPL main branch employees, as well as monthly customers (all classified as “monthly” within the system) will always have priority over hourly patrons. The control system differentiates between monthly and hourly parkers and will close off the lot to hourly customers when necessary to ensure monthly parkers have a space.


  1. What if someone tailgates me?

Tailgating is when a second vehicle drives through the gate when it was open for the vehicle ahead.


There will be no impact to the vehicle that was authorized to enter. The tailgating vehicle will be forced to pay the max daily rate in order to exit the lot.


If someone is a monthly parker, and they tailgate, they will be required to pay to exit.


  1. What if someone takes my plate number and uses it to get in?

In the unlikely occurrence that this happens, you will be notified by the touch screen that a permitted vehicle under your account is already in the lot. Please utilize the intercom to contact security. Security will verify that you are authorized to park in the lot and remotely open the gate. Security will then review records to find the unauthorized vehicle and tow it at the owner’s expense.


  1. What if I have guests?

City Hall employees can contact the COO’s office to request parking for authorized guests, vendors, etc. All others can pay an hourly rate to park in the lot.


  1. What if I would like an escort?

All monthly parkers have access to a security escort. Please contact the Security Supervisor 860-805-1830 and someone will be directed to your location. During most hours the security escort will be a walking escort.


  1. 166 Sheldon does not have a gate how will that work?

Those parking at 166 Sheldon will be issued stickers to place in their back right window and be expected to park “nose in”. The lot will be patrolled by both HPA security and on-street enforcement staff to ensure both safety and only authorized parkers are located in the lot.


  1. What about snow removal?

HPA has contracted through our operator with a private company for snow removal and salting. HPA will manage the snow removal and salting in the lots and on sidewalks on the perimeter of the lots. Before piled snow affects availability it will be removed from the lot.


  1. What about lighting?

The inherited lighting at both lots is out of code and non-functioning. HPA has been working with an engineering firm to redesign the lighting in order to bring it up to standards and is aggressively working with CL&P, L&I, and vendors to implement the lighting promptly.


  1. What about space striping?

Both lots will be fully restriped to included handicap and smaller vehicle parking, as applicable.


For the purposes of these lots, smaller vehicles are defined as a non-SUV or truck and is typically any full size sedan (Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, etc) and smaller. Those spaces will be identified as “compact car”.



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