The Hartford Parking Authority (you’re welcome to call us “HPA”) was created in December 1998 by a City Council ordinance that amended the Hartford Municipal Code. This ordinance was adopted pursuant to Chapter 100, C.G.S. 7-202, of the Connecticut General Statutes. This State statute permits towns and municipalities to create parking authorities. As such, the HPA is a separate “body corporate and politic” to the City of Hartford. The HPA is governed by five commissioners, who are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Hartford’s Court of Common Council.

HPA is responsible for creating, maintaining and operating the City’s dedicated parking facilities, which include the Church Street and MAT garages and the Hartford Public Library parking deck. In addition, HPA’s on-street parking responsibilities include meter collections, enforcement and parking citation management associated with approximately 1,800 metered parking spaces in and around Downtown.

Our Mission

The Hartford Parking Authority (HPA) meets the needs of its customers citywide by consistently providing clean, safe, accessible parking, both on and off street. HPA strives to be a leader by incorporating parking industry best practices and is an active partner with the City to promote economic and community development.

HPA ByLaws (downloadable PDF)