Most Common Questions

Oops, I got a parking citation?  Where can I pay it?
Payments can be made online, via telephone using the phone number listed on back of the citation, or at The Office of Parking Management Customer Service Center located at 11 Asylum Street, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT 06103. The parking citation lists all of the payment options.

What happens if the Pay-and Display Station doesn’t work? Who do I call for assistance?
If you are having difficulties with a Pay-and-Display Station, please call a Customer Service Representative at the Office of Parking Management at (860) 202-8072 to report the problem. Provide the pay station location and pay station number. In the meantime, you can still park in a space near an out-of-service Pay-and-Display Station, as long as you purchase a receipt from another nearby Pay-and-Display Station (e.g., around the corner or across the street).

I have a different reason or question to ask about.  Where can I get help?
We’re happy to help you! For parking citation information, please call 860-757-0730.