Michael DesRoches
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Director of Finance and Administration

Direct Dial: 860-757-0726

Michael is responsible for general oversight of HPA operations, strategic planning and marketing and communications. Michael is also responsible for all financial management and reporting related to operations and capital projects.


Kenya Smith
Director of Operations

Direct Dial: 860-757-0727

Kenya is responsible for planning, directing and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the organization, including management of parking facilities, and adherence to processes and policies.


Ted Sheiber
Facilities & Project Manager


Direct Dial: 860-757-0724

Ted oversees the maintenance and operation of HPA’s properties. He is also responsible for management of HPA’s construction and improvement projects.


Fahd Hasson
Parking Maintenance Technician

Direct Dial: 860-757-0723

Fahd is responsible for performing maintenance tasks related to HPA’s parking facilities and meter equipment.


Kendra Castillo
Office/ Fiscal Assistant

Direct Dial: 860-757-0721

The office/fiscal assistant performs all front office details and administrative duties, along with residential permits and financial reporting.