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Residential Parking Permit (RPP)

Residential Parking Permit (RPP)

Who can receive a resident parking permit?
If you live on one of the streets approved for a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) you can fill out an application, provide the necessary documentation and pay the annual fee to receive a permit.

Permitted streets are properly marked with street signage.

How long is the permit valid for?
Permits will be renewed on a yearly basis. Each parking permit zone will have its own renewal month. The expiration date is located on the parking permit sticker. All residential parking permit holders are responsible for renewing their permits on an annual basis before the expiration date. Please note that failure to renew a residential parking permit and continuing to park within a residential parking permit zone may result in parking citations.

Starting in 2024, the Hartford Parking Authority will be visually updating all residential parking permits to move the expiration date to the center of the permit and to increase the font size of the expiration date in order to improve visibility of this information as a reminder to permit holders.

How many permits can I get?
Each residential parking program is designed based on the area’s available parking and resident needs. Please see below for information on allowable permit quantity by location.

Asylum Hill Collins Street (#128-181) 2 Permanent, 1 Visitor
Asylum Hill Spring Street (#39-101) 2 Permanent, 1 Visitor
Asylum Hill Sumner Street (#33-85) 1 Permanent, 1 Visitor
CSS_CON Charter Oak Place (#12-40) 2 Permanent, 1 Visitor
Frog Hollow Columbia Street (#1-23) 2 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Frog Hollow Park Terrace (#2-24) 2 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Frog Hollow Putnam Street (#245-253) 2 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Frog Hollow Seymour Street (#122-192) 2 Permanent, 1 Visitor
Upper Albany Adams Street (#102-174) 2 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Clay Arsenal Ann Uccello Street (#480-512) 1 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Clay Arsenal Main Street (#1279-1337) 1 Permanent, 2 Visitor
Woodland Drive Woodland Drive (#1-166) 1 Visitor per Household

Do I need a car to get a permit?
A visitor permit can be purchased without a vehicle registration if the applicant meets the residency requirement.

What documentation do I need?
You need to bring the following with you when you come to apply for a permit:

  • One of the following forms of valid identification:
    • Connecticut Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Connecticut issued identification card
    • Military ID
    • CT Department of Social Services issued photo public assistance card

  • One of the following forms of proof of residency. Bills must be no more than one (1) month old:
    • Current signed lease (non-handwritten)
    • Utility bill (gas or electricity)
    • Cable / Internet / Mobile bill
    • Mortgage statement

  • Valid vehicle registrations for each vehicle you wish to receive a permit for. Name and address on the registration must match the photo ID and proof of residency.

Do I have to come in person?
Yes, all applications must be applied for in person.

Please download and complete the application form and bring it with the required documentation to:

Hartford Parking Authority
Administrative Office 
11 Asylum Street 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

However, if you are renewing a residential parking permit and all information is current, this process can be done through the mail with receipt of payment via money order or check.

Is there a cost for the resident parking permit?
Each permit will cost twenty-five dollars ($25). Payment can be processed by cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card at the Hartford Parking Authority administrative office. For renewal via mail, payment can be processed by money orders or check, and an additional $5 fee to cover shipping and handling costs will apply.

Permit fees may be waived at the discretion of the Hartford Parking Authority if the applicant meets one of the following: epileptic diagnosis, fully deaf, permanently restricted to a wheelchair, permanently and totally disabled and receiving SSA benefits, 65 or older and receiving property tax relief, own a specially equipped vehicle to accommodate a handicapped passenger, or enrolled in CT Department of Social Services Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) program or State Administered General Assistance (SAGA) program, with the proper documentation.

How long will I have to renew my permit after it expires?
All permits must be renewed within fifteen days prior to permit expiration. Note: Failure to renew will result in citations received, that must be paid in full to receive a new or renewed permit.

What if I owe parking tickets or taxes?
Permits will not be issued to residents that owe parking citations or delinquent taxes to the City of Hartford. If you have recently paid any parking citations, please bring the receipt with you when applying for a residential parking permit.

If you have recently paid any delinquent taxes, please bring the tax bill payment receipt with you when applying for a residential parking permit.

What happens if I don’t have a permit?
Anyone who parks in an identified residential parking zone without a valid residential parking permit is subject to a forty-five dollar ($45) fine for each violation. Not having a permit includes, but is not limited to the following scenarios:

  • Failure to properly affix/display permit while parked in an established Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Zone
  • Parking in a RPP zone with no permit
  • Parking in a RPP zone with an expired permit
  • Utilizing a false/fake RPP

When can a permit be used?
A vehicle with a valid permit can park without restriction in a legal parking space within the designated residential permit zone except:

  • During snow bans, emergency, or other authorized parking restriction
  • Outside the time frame posted on street signs

Where do I place the permit in my car?
A visitor permit shall be placed on the passenger side dashboard.
A resident permit is affixed on the inside of the vehicle’s windshield in the right lower front corner at the passenger’s side.

Where do I go to get a parking permit?
Hartford Parking Authority
Administrative Office
11 Asylum Street, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT 06103
Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM