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Hartford Parking Authority Garages

Affordable, Available, Safe & Secure

HPA offers the most affordable garage parking options in the City of Hartford for daily, monthly, and event parking.

HPA operates the MAT Garage (Main and Trumbull), which has indoor spots available for parking convenience.

55 South Chapel Street
Hartford, CT 06103
Telephone (860) 524-1764

Garage Entrance Access
Church St Max Clearance 9′ 8″
South Chapel St Max Clearance 6′ 8″

7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

907 spaces on 5 levels

HPA is proud to set the standard for clean, safe, and well-lit garages. HPA’s security contractor, the Hartford Guides, patrols the MAT Garage facility up to 2AM. They are also available to provide lock-out and jump-start assistance if needed. The Hartford Guides can be contacted at (860) 524-9400.

MAT Garage Rates

0 – 1/2 Hour
1/2 – 1 Hour
1 – 2 Hours
2 – 3 Hours
3 – 4 Hours
4 – 5 Hours
Over 5 Hours
Daily Maximum

Efficiency and Innovation

HPA is continually maintaining its garages, adding conveniences such as recycling stations, bicycle racks, bus stops for the Dash Shuttle, as well as energy efficient lighting systems. We are always looking for more opportunities to conserve energy at each of our garages.

Monthly Parking Information

How can I register for monthly parking at an HPA garage?

If you’re interested in parking on a monthly basis at the MAT Garage, you can register in person if space is available.

Upon completion of your vehicle registration form and payment of the first month’s parking fee in advance, a uniquely coded access card is issued for entry to and exit from the parking garage.

NOTE: Monthly parking customers are encouraged to carefully handle and keep track of their access cards. Cards can be replaced for a fee. If you lose or damage your card, please see the parking manager in your facility immediately to replace it. Your old card number will be deactivated and that card will become unusable.

Late payments for monthly parking can be subject to card deactivation and a late payment fee.

The access card cannot be assigned to anyone other than the original monthly parking customer. Also, the card must always be used in sequence to enter and then to exit the parking facility. Using the card out of sequence will prevent the gate from rising.