Pay Citations

Pay your citations online by clicking the blue button above. You can pay via telephone using the new pay by phone number which is 860-308-1451.
You can also make payments in person at:

Please NOTE: When using loose change to pay a citation, please have coins pre-rolled to help in the overall process.

Office of Parking Management

11 Asylum Street
2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06103


Appeal Citations

– If you feel that your parking citation was issued in error, you can appeal it.

– Please have the following available:

  • Your citation number
  • Plate number

– You can also learn more about the appeals process and much more by visiting the Appeal’s page

Please Note:  In accordance with Section 22-42(b) of the Hartford Municipal Code, any parked vehicle that is identified with having  three (3) or more unpaid parking citations is subject to towing.
If your vehicle has been towed, please call the Hartford Police Department’s non-emergency number at 860-757-4000 to learn where your car was towed to and why.  In order to retrieve your car, ALL outstanding parking citations must paid in person at the Office of Parking Management.
A receipt of payment and impound release form will be provided. Towing fees are due to the respective towing company.