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  • Parking Ambassadors

Parking Ambassadors

HPA’s Parking Ambassadors are visible on Hartford’s city streets. The ambassadors cover the entire city of Hartford including all streets and neighborhoods. The ambassadors patrol daily: street to street, curb to curb and neighborhood to neighborhood. The HPA’s Parking Ambassadors’ primary focus is to provide safety, efficiency and enforcement of metered/regulated parking, along with neighborhood enforcement of parking rules, regulations and signage per the City of Hartford’s ordinance.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a parking citation, a Parking Ambassador will never request or accept payment from you directly. You can identify official Parking Ambassadors by their uniforms that include Hartford Parking Authority logos (please see example at right). If this identification is not visible, please don’t hesitate to ask the Ambassador to show you.

The official ways to pay or appeal a parking citation are:

  • By mailing a check to the address indicated on the parking citation
  • Online by clicking here
  • In person at the Office of Parking Management, 11 Asylum Street, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT. Please note that if your vehicle has been immobilized (booted), then you must come in to the Office of Parking Management to pay or appeal the parking citation.

Our ambassadors are always willing to help if necessary.
It is highly recommended anytime you park, to read the signs completely and carefully to avoid a citation. If you need help, Click Here to learn more about how to read signs in the City of Hartford.

PLEASE NOTE: After 6PM on street parking is free. There is also free parking on weekends.

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HPA Office of Parking Management Citations & Hearing Office

11 Asylum Street, Floor 2
Hartford, CT 06103

For parking violations,
please contact 860-757-0730

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Citation Hearing Hours

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Administrative Office

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Office Hours

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